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Trainers and Consultants Referral Network

How We Do It



I maintain a network of more than 500 highly-qualified professional consultants, trainers, coaches and keynote speakers. Two or three times a day -- sometimes more -- somebody calls me and asks for help. I listen carefully to what the client needs.

That's when I go to work.

I search my database looking for at least 3 top professionals who can do the job at a price you can afford. I contact them on your behalf and verify that they're available, qualified, and interested in your assignment.

In other words, I'm like a matchmaker for consultants, trainers and coaches. It’s like a talent agency with one big difference...IT’S FREE!


I ask a lot of questions to get as many details as I can.  I need to clearly understand your needs in order to find the best options for your assignment.  Some of the questions I’ll ask will deal with goals, measures of success, potential roadblocks, relevant history, desired skill set for the professional, timeframe, and budget.  


I’ll search my database for at least 3 consultants whose work I am familiar with and whose skills I can vouch for. I’ll check their interest, suitability and availability for your assignment. Then I’ll give you their names and websites (or have them contact you if you prefer). You’ll make your own decision about which consultant or trainer to hire. You’ll work out your own arrangements on compensation. And you’ll pay absolutely no commission or fee to me.  If for some reason, we haven’t found the right match based on your criteria, call me back and I’ll dig deeper. Again, there is never a FEE.