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Meet A Few Of Our Consultants


We have over 600 consultants throughout the US - each with topics, skills and areas of expertise that could be invaluable to your organization.  Here are a few of them:



Steve M Headshot.png

Originally from New Zealand, Steve has built a successful career working with creative teams as a designer of grand-prix racing yachts and then program support for the US Navy.  He is now offering creative workshops to help organizations get their teams working together more cohesively and solving problems faster.

Steve brings the vital gift of creativity in his toolbox through facilitation of the LEGO Serious Play (LSP) method and Design Sprints.  LSP is an awesome problem solving toolkit based on the way we learn, structure knowledge and communicate with our hands as tool users, focused on improving team effectiveness and developing alignment around team identity and organizational strategies.  Design Sprints, originating from Google Ventures, can compress months of project work into a week.  Steve brings the framework, so your team can focus to solve big problems or explore rapidly prototyping new ideas for your business.

Both of these methodologies are a boost to busy organizations looking for something exciting and different to help your teams tell their story in their own words, have some creative fun, and develop tangible results faster.

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