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We have over 600 consultants throughout the US - each with topics, skills and areas of expertise that could be invaluable to your organization.  Here are a few of them:



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Warrior mind training.  Marrying fierce insight to transformative action.  This is how Phillis describes her interventions for clients experiencing intolerable levels of workplace conflict, stress or unconscious bias.  As an employment lawyer, coach and meditation teacher, Phillis leverages 45 years of experience using rigorous analytical skills and mind re-training to help clients discover the underlying drivers for these problems and design a well-targeted intervention that produces results.  Phillis has been privileged to work with a variety of organizations including those that experience significant pressure such as fast-growing technology firms, federal government and law enforcement agencies, and law firms.  The most successful clients are those who recognize that durable behavioral change takes commitment and time.  Phillis received the NATO medal for her work in Afghanistan and enjoys speaking and writing about the neuroscience behind how re-wiring the brain can help organizations transform mission-threatening behaviors to more profitable ones. 

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