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We have over 600 consultants throughout the US - each with topics, skills and areas of expertise that could be invaluable to your organization.  Here are a few of them:



Leslie Headshot

Leslie is not your typical trainer, facilitator, coach, consultant, etc…  In a previous life, Leslie worked at Walt Disney World and was on the Price is Right with Bob Barker. While living in Vermont for 20 years, she honed her outdoor skills and receiving a Master’s Degree in Experiential Education.  She still works for Outward Bound on occasion and her dog Milo is a certified therapy dog.

Since being in the DC area, Leslie has completed two programs that greatly influence her offerings: Georgetown’s Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership and George Mason’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being.   Her love of learning is matched by her love of sharing of what she has learned!

So what does this mean for you?  It means that when working with Leslie, be prepared for a hands-on experience.  Her training focused on leadership, communication, and culture, are interactive and engaging.  Her ability to help teams excel is spot on.  When working with her as a leadership and culture consultant, she is incredibly knowledgeable about current trends and can reflect on her 15 plus years as a consultant, working with various companies, non-profits, and government clients.  When working with her as a coach, she will help you achieve the next step in your career with more clarity and confidence than you thought possible. 

Leslie is also one of the only certified Six Thinking Hats trainers in the DMV area, helping groups reduce their meeting time by up to 50% with a focus on innovation.

Leslie’s motto: Life is short.  Let’s enjoy the journey, get (and give) help when we need it, and make change along the way. 

Team Compass