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Clark, Ph.D., is a recognized leader in learning technology strategy, helping organizations take advantage of information systems to meet learning, knowledge, and performance needs. The author of five books (and counting), he consults with corporations, government agencies, not-for-profits, and education institutions to devise approaches for using technology to complement employee capabilities. He runs workshops that develop advanced understanding of learning science and technologies, and speaks on the possibilities nationally and internationally. He was fortunate to have opportunity to participate in a number of technologies at early stages of development and has acquired the ability to induce the core capabilities that new technologies provide.  

Clark designed his own major in Computer-Based Education, and this has been his life ever since. He went back for a Ph.D. in applied cognitive science to ground the use of technology in how we think, work, and learn. Coupled with broad experience in technology across games, mobile, adaptive platforms, performance support systems, content models, and more, Clark helps organizations develop learning experience design strategies. The approaches include deeper design upfront, and technology backends that create what he calls a performance ecosystem; environments where the tools are ‘to hand’ to couple optimal execution with continual innovation. When you’re ready to step up and join the ‘revolution’, contact Clark.

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