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Trainers and Consultants Referral Network

Your One-Stop Shop for Consultants, Coaches and Trainers


Why choose us?

Are you so busy “putting out fires,” you can’t get to the important things you were hired to do?  Do you have the time to give your employees the training or coaching  they need?  Is your handbook outdated?  Are you buried under a stack of resumes, job descriptions, and company policies?  Do you need someone impartial to conduct an exit interview, a termination, a disciplinary discussion, or an internal investigation? Could you use an experienced pair of eyes and ears to help research and analyze a problem?
Call the Trainers and Consultants Network and we can handle the tasks that are eating up your time.  Then you can turn your attention to the larger problems you were hired to solve.


What we do

We want to help create a better workplace.  So whether you need a HR Consultant, OD Specialist, Trainer, Coach or Keynote Speaker, just call or email us with a description of your assignment.  We’ll provide you with the names and contact information of at least 3 top-notch professionals who can do the job you need at a price you can afford.


Letter from the founder

Our goal is simple - to introduce good people to good people.

I remember when I was an HR Director.  I always wanted to do more training. Heaven knows, our employees needed it.  They needed training on just about everything.

But it  was such a huge HASSLE!

I knew that once I made a commitment to bring on a trainer, it would mean hours on the phone trying to get recommendations, interviewing trainers, and reviewing material. Then lining up schedules.

That’s why I formed my Trainers and Consultants Network.  To take the hassle out of lining up trainers and consultants.  Speakers and coaches too.

So call me today and say goodbye to the hassle of finding consultants, trainers and coaches forever! 

- Sharon