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Our HR Consultants prepare or update employee handbooks, conduct HR audits, complete Affirmative Action Plans, handle recruiting assignments, develop performance management processes, write job descriptions, conduct salary surveys and design  compensation programs. They even provide on-site HR support.

Our OD Specialists help your organization  increase effectiveness and efficiency.  They conduct employee engagement surveys and implement action plans.  They lead change initiatives, manage business process reengineering, and facilitate retreats.  They use a variety of tools, including MBTI, DiSC, and others.

Our Trainers help your employees acquire better skills for their current job and develop new skills for the future. They facilitate interactive sessions on all business competencies.

Our Coaches provide a one-on-one developmental experience for executives who are preparing for greater responsibility or need to take a step forward in leadership.  Our career coaches help clients establish professional goals, make career decisions, create and execute  plans, and overcome obstacles. 

Our Keynoters prepare dynamic, engaging presentations for events. 


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Consultants, Coaches and Trainers

HR Consultants

Whether you need a handbook, job descriptions, an audit, a salary survey, performance management, or any of the HR services, we have several seasoned HR professionals to recommend.                                            


The effective coach gives guidance through direction, advice, and constructive criticism to help the employee go from where he is to where he wants to be. It’s another support system for your most valued employees. Let us connect you to some certified, experienced coaches.

OD Specialists

Perhaps you’re dealing with the challenge of making system-wide changes in your organization, or you need to address the attitudes and values of department employees. If so, we have specialists ready to help.         


Is it your job to line up a dynamic, engaging presentation for your next event? Call us for motivational and entertaining speakers. Choose the best for your workplace from our short list.  


Are you trying to help employees acquire better skills for their current job or  develop new skills for the future? We can recommend a wide range of trainers who facilitate sessions on all business and technical competencies.



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So far, you're batting 1000. I don't think there has ever been a need I have presented to you that you haven't been able to fill! You can quote me! - GF


I didn't attend the presentation, but the feedback was very positive. Several of the participants described it as excellent! Thanks for another top notch referral! I love the network. - TM
I appreciate your invaluable referrals. - MC


I have had informative, engaging and lively conversations with all your referrals. I wish I could hire them all!  Thanks again. - NP


Can't thank you enough for the assistance you have given to my organization. - JB


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